is committed to providing quality safety products for use in the laboratory classrooms of our Nation’s Public Schools.  Placing special emphasis on Student and Instructor safety is the focal point from which began the development of our Utility Controller. 

Looking at the enhancement of present engineering designs, we first focused our efforts on a control system that integrated the control of the mechanical and electrical components within a single device.  To provide additional safety features, we next incorporated the means to remotely control and monitor our new device.  To finalize, we added our enabling key thus giving sole authority to the instructor to enable and disable these integrated systems.

Our innovative Utility Controller provides not only a safe learning environment for the Student but likewise a safe work place for the Instructor.

We at ISIMET feel that our concepts for Public School laboratory safety control devices will become more than that of an optional convenient control apparatus, but rather a standard whereby future classroom designs are based.  We hope that by reviewing our Product Catalog you will agree.

Commitment to our Customers:
As a customer of ISIMET, we will continually keep you updated of all upgrades and advancements of the Utility Controller, and we will also offer reasonably priced upgrades.  It is our intent to keep you up-to-date with all safety enhancements of the Utility Controller.