Emergency Shower Monitoring Unit

"Emergency Shower" Monitoring Unit:
     Model ESM-100 & ESM-200

This Monitoring Unit is equipped with a micro-flow switch , time-delay relay, and a two (2) foot control cable. 

Unit is provided complete with junction box and mounting hardware.  Connection to the Controller PC Board is made at the “Auxiliary Panic” Terminal for Series 100 or to "Isolated Panic" for Series 200.  Unit is not intended as a stand-alone component.  Refer to the RMS series Monitoring Units for stand-alone capabilities. 



The unit is intended for installation into the shower’s supply piping, directly up-stream from the shower.   Activation of the shower automatically sends a Panic signal to the Utility Controller, thus placing the system into Panic.  The 100 Series provides a N/O dry-contact.   The 200 Series provides a 24-vac control output signal.


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ISIMET Utility Controllers and Companion Enclosures
Two Hour Fire Rating

UL Test #1479

All ISIMET Utility Controllers, Enclosures and Accessories can be certified for two-hour fire rating.  Working closely with the industry leader in fire rated materials, ISIMET can offer our enclosures with a one-half inch fire rated blanket.  This blanket that is adhered to the outer surface of the enclosure will enable the installer to incorporate the ISIMET product into a fire rated wall without the need for additional blanket or other rated material.

To specify a unit as “Fire Rated” use the following nomenclature:

Add to the ISIMET Part Number:  Prefix “F2” for all Utility Controllers, Companion Enclosures and Accessories.  Model numbers are for example only.

UtC-F2-12X9 indicates a four-circuit Utility Controller with fire blanket.

LA-F2-1212 indicates a wall mounted LA Series with fire blanket.

FLA-F2-2235 indicates a wall mounted FLA Series with fire blanket.

E-F2-1212 indicates a twelve-circuit E-Series with fire blanket.

S-F2-1211-3-3/4-K indicates a three-station S-Series with fire blanket.

MLA-F2-1-B indicates a Monitoring Beacon with fire blanket.

All components utilized in this “Fire Rating” will be provided with additional instructions for installation in order to insure that the rated material and process is not violated or damaged during installation.  Fire caulking as well as foil tape and extra blanket material is included for all components except for accessories.  Accessories are provided with foil tap and extra blanket only.  Fire caulking will need to be field provided.  Enclosure Sizes limited to 24” X 24” X 8” and smaller.

Fire Rating Field Instructions