Monitoring Light Arrays

Monitoring Light Arrays

Model #MLA-S-3-B-Y-G
Standard Surface Unit

The Monitoring Light Array is a wall mounted light unit intended for use as a visual indicator that circuites of the Utility Controller system are active.

The Monitoring Lamps are provided in either Tower or Surface mount.  Tower Units are provided with J-Box and stainless steel wall panel for Ceiling Mount Applications or Wall Mounting Bracket and 36” lead wiring for Wall Mount Units. Optional Wall Bracket - Suffix W

Standard Array is furnished with the three standard lighting units, all required mounting hardware, junction box for mounting, and installation instructions. Lights are color coded to match the intended output source. These units are rated for 24 vac and are easily integrated into the output circuits of the Controller. Custom application Arrays are available upon request.




Standard colors include:

 Blue – Electric Service

Yellow – Natural Gas Service

Green – Domestic Water

Amber – Compressed Air

Red – User Defined

White – User Defined