Series 220

Series 220 Lead Free

For use with Domestic Water

These solenoids are rated for use with the Utility Controller when the installation procedures do not mandate a contained enclosure to house the solenoids.  These solenoids are UL Recognized as companion components of the Utility Controller.

Solenoids are optionally available with Explosion Proof Coils and Latching Solenoids for Domestic Water Systems



General Service Solenoid Valve Specifications:

The Solenoids are NPT from ½” thru 2” in size and are of brass construction unless stated otherwise.   Operating Mode: (Standard) Normally Closed – Closed when de-energized


Maximum operating temperature for the solenoid is 180° F / 82.2° C

Coil Rating: Continuous duty totally encapsulated

Voltage Tolerances:  +10%, - 10% of applicable voltage

All Solenoid Coils have a NEMA 1 Rating

Series 220 Solenoids are low psi differential and canbe modified to accept a 12 VDC pulse ON-OFF coil.  Note:  Use Pulse Coils where water conditions may cause premature failure of the solenoid associated with coil operation.  Pulse coils are only available when included in an S-Series Enclosure.