Series 800

Series 800

S-800 for use with Oxygen/Acetylene/Argon/CO2/Nitrous Oxide

S-810 for use with Hydrogen/Nitrogen

S-820 for use with High Pressure Fuel Gas

S-830 for use with Helium

These solenoids are rated for use with the Utility Controller when the installation procedures do not mandate a contained enclosure to house the solenoids.  These solenoids are UL Recognized as companion components of the Utility Controller.

Solenoids are optionally available with Explosion Proof Coils.



Series 800 – Brass N/C 0 psi differential – Oxygen/Acetylene/Argon/CO2/Nitrous Oxide

Series 810 – Brass N/C 0-3 psi differential – Hydrogen/Nitrogen

Series 820 – Brass N/C 3 psi differential – Hi Pressure Gas

Series 830 – Brass N/C 3-7.5 psi differential – Helium