Series 2000 Utility Controller

 Series 2000

The Stainless Steel Series has all features common with our standard unit.  Shown is the added auxiliary circuit to control the classroom exhaust fan.

Other Uses for the Utility Controller

Home Economics Classrooms The same control capabilities used for the safe activation of science classroom student workstations can also control activation of potentially dangerous appliances such as gas and electric stoves, blenders, and food processors.  The risk of accidental shock or burn is greatly reduced because the instructor can determine which appliances a student may activate.

Master Controllers – Utilizing in a design any of our standard Controller Units or Time Sequencing Units with a series of Remote Operators can create a Master-to-Slave operating environment.   This type of control package is specifically intended for use in research lab facilities where a vast number of laboratories require only the emergency control of the fuel gas systems.  Consult the factory for specific features than can be offered to accommodate the design requirements for specific projects.


ISIMET UtC 2000 Utility Controller

Product Description
The Utility Controller is a Safety Device that regulates the control of various utility services and devices such as domestic water, natural gas, and electrical outlets within a science classroom, other instructional facilities, research and medical facilities. The solid state electronic controller provides an electronic signal to relays that in turn provide electrical current to relays, contacts and low voltage solenoid valves, activating the utility service.

Enclosure Specifications
Control Panel - 16 gauge Stainless Steel
Wall Box Enclosure – 16 gauge Stainless Steel
Wall Box Dimensions - 12” High x 10” Wide x 4” Deep (+ ½” door mounting flange)
  *Requires 4” deep wall cavity for installation. 

Available Integration Inputs and Outputs




Remote Panic Input




Gas Detector Input




LA Input




LA / Gas Sensor Input




Alarm Input




Isolated Panic Input




Energy Management / Building Automation Input




LA Output – 24 VAC Only



*Alarm Output – 24VAC Only




**Panic Output – 24 VAC Only




*Alarm Output for monitoring only  
**Panic Output may also be configured for dual dry-contact

Description Rating        
120 VAC Supply Required 15 Amp       Optional Programming Features
24 VAC Transformer 3 Amp       Energy Management / Building Automation
Input Configurations
24 VAC Circuit 1 1.5 Amp Max       Alarm Output Configurations
24 VAC Circuit 2 1.5 Amp Max       First Key Timing (4-20 Hour)
24 VAC Circuit 3 1.5 Amp Max       Circuit Timing (15-240 Minute)
24 VAC Circuit 4 1.5 Amp Max       Panic Notification Delay (1-5 Minute)
24 VAC Circuit 5 1.5 Amp Max       Gas Detector Notification Delay (1-10 Minute)
120 VAC Panel Fuse 5 Amp       Exhaust Fan Timer (15-60 Minute)
24 VAC PCB Fuse 1 3 Amp       Exhaust Fan Operation
12 VAC PCB Fuse 2 1 Amp        
3 VDC PCB Fuse 3 500 mAmp        

Typical Controlled Services:  Electrical, Domestic Water, Fuel Gas and Exhaust Fan.

Optional Controlled Services:  De-Ionized Water, Compressed Air, Vacuum, Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium and Fume Hoods.  


Mounting Variations:

  • Surface Mounting – Unit is provided with two surface-mount flanges and hardware.
  • ISIMET recommends the utilization of our RA Series Controller where surface mounting of the unit is required.
  • Flush Mounting – Unit is provided with four flush-mount flanges, wall trim flange, and hardware. 
  • Semi Recess – Permits installation of the Controller in a 3 5/8” wall cavity.
  • Semi and Flush Trim adds 3.5 inches to both Height and Width Wall Surface dimensions.
  • Rough Frame opening: Allow Width + 1”
  • Verify ADA Mounting heights before mounting unit.


Panic Button:

Momentary Pushbutton Operator W/ Normal Open Contact Block.



  • Keyed Switch – Momentary action, Normal Open, Single Pole Switch
  • Service Switch – SPST Rocker Switch
  • Control Switch – SPST Illuminated Rocker Switch
  • Reset Switch – Momentary pushbutton normal open PC Board mounted switch


ISIMET Utility Controllers and Companion Enclosures
Two Hour Fire Rating

UL Test #1479

All ISIMET Utility Controllers, Enclosures and Accessories can be certified for two-hour fire rating.  Working closely with the industry leader in fire rated materials, ISIMET can offer our enclosures with a one-half inch fire rated blanket.  This blanket that is adhered to the outer surface of the enclosure will enable the installer to incorporate the ISIMET product into a fire rated wall without the need for additional blanket or other rated material.

To specify a unit as “Fire Rated” use the following nomenclature:

Add to the ISIMET Part Number:  Prefix “F2” for all Utility Controllers, Companion Enclosures and Accessories.  Model numbers are for example only.

UtC-F2-12X9 indicates a four-circuit Utility Controller with fire blanket.

LA-F2-1212 indicates a wall mounted LA Series with fire blanket.

FLA-F2-2235 indicates a wall mounted FLA Series with fire blanket.

E-F2-1212 indicates a twelve-circuit E-Series with fire blanket.

S-F2-1211-3-3/4-K indicates a three-station S-Series with fire blanket.

MLA-F2-1-B indicates a Monitoring Beacon with fire blanket.

All components utilized in this “Fire Rating” will be provided with additional instructions for installation in order to insure that the rated material and process is not violated or damaged during installation.  Fire caulking as well as foil tape and extra blanket material is included for all components except for accessories.  Accessories are provided with foil tap and extra blanket only.  Fire caulking will need to be field provided.  Enclosure Sizes limited to 24” X 24” X 8” and smaller.

Fire Rating Field Instructions