Utility Safety Controls Since 2000


ISIMET complies with the following National Safety Codes

National Fire Protection Association

NFPA 101 Life Safety Code:

“This code requests that consideration be taken in regards to the character of the occupancy, the capabilities of the occupants and other factors necessary to provide occupants with a reasonable degree of safety—a school classroom, where students are utilizing natural gas and have little or no experience with open flames, should be afforded the utmost safety when designed

NFPA 45 — Section Provisions within the Emergency Action Plan and Section Storage and Piping System:

There should be “an emergency gas shutoff device in an accessible location near one of the egress doors . . . in addition to manual point-of-use valve."

NFPA 54 - Section Shutoff Valve for Laboratories:

“Each laboratory space containing two or more gas outlets . . . shall have a single shutoff valve through which all such gas outlets are supplied. The shutoff valve shall be located within the laboratory or adjacent to the laboratory's egress door and identified.

International Fuel Gas Code

Section 409 Shutoff Valves 409.6 Shutoff Valve for Laboratories:

“Where provided with two or more fuel gas outlets. . . each laboratory space in educational, research, commercial and industrial occupancies shall be provided with a single dedicated shutoff valve. The dedicated shutoff valve shall be readily accessible, located within the laboratory space served. located adjacent to the egress door from the space and shall be Identified with approved signage . . .”

National Science Teachers Association Guide to School Science Facilities

Utilities — Page 63

“Emergency shutoff for water, electrical service and gas should be near the teacher’s station, not far from the door, and not easily accessible to students. "

Gas - Pages 22-23

“The control valve for shutting off the gas. . . should be accessible only to the teacher. . .The room should have an emergency shutoff valve activated by pushing a highly visible button with a keyed reset mechanism to turn the gas supply back on. "

Electricity - Page 22

“Emergency shutoff for electrical service should be available to the teacher, but not easily accessible to students.”